Twit Side     Hodn Side  
01. One For Bandini   01. Autumn
02. Ahab vs. Tarantula   02. Deetermeter
03. Mariquita   03. Essicati
04. Dirty Face   04. Rawissue
05. 3rd   05. Donstartnoshiat
06. Windyridge   06. Later
07. Diploma   07. Orto Mio
08. Stereostalker   08. Stinkendeleiche
      09. Wedoeveryday
      10. Sandig
      11. Temptation

Testiculo Y Uno are Hulk Hodn (Huss & Hodn) and Twit One (Dakkord, A.U.D.D.A.) from Cologne. Both like their beats dusty and soulful with lots of crazy ish happening in between. Their DJ sets – two turntables, a stack of vinyl and a MPC are legendary. Twit and Hodn are right in the center of Cologne's breeding hip-hop scene, working with everybody from Fleur Earth, Retrogott and Sylabil Spill to Miles Bonny, Frank Nitty and Planet Asia. They are also run Radio Love Love.