FS Green Side     Full Crate Side  
01. Pick A Star   01. Thursday
02. Troopercat   02. Never Never
03. Monoshow   03. Bobby & Melinda
04. Tycoon Thug   04. Falling Flutes
05. Awesome   05. Crack
06. 1 Up   06. Inspirations
07. Eggs and Pancakes w/ Full Crate   07. To The Floor w/ FS Green

Full Crate and FS Green are two of Amsterdams most promising new producers. Forget your favourite Amsterdam clichees, no hookers and stoners here, just pure musical heat. Crate and Green come with the most forward-thinking and progressive beats - or shall we better say music? - in the Hi-Hat Club so far. "Eggs And Pancakes" takes the best of both worlds – well chopped samples and so-called electronics – to express their vision of an instrumental hip-hop album in the year 2010. Green is one of Holland's most in-demand and producers. RBMA alumni Crate is also know for his productions for Mar and Jesse Boykins III.