Brenk Side     Mella Side  
01. Intro Transformation   01. Intro
02. Don't Fight It   02. Ready
03. Sign Skit   03. The Game
04. Cannibal Love   04. Worms
05. Concrete Jungle   05. Amateurs
06. Concrete Jungle Skit   06. Ha Ha Ha Ha
07. Anutha Journey   07. At The Chop Shop
08. Can't Stop Interlude   08. Tonis Theme
09. Don't Bear Ur Wife Every Night   09. Bada Bing
10. Crum Break   10. Follini
11. Ole Woam 2   11. 1, 2, 3
12. Spread His Name Outro   12. Outro

Oh Vienna! "Chop Shop" is one of the hardest and most intensely chopped records you have ever heard. Brenk Sinatra, the Austrian heayweight beatchampion (MC Eiht, Kamp, Miles Bonny, Guilty Simpson) is also introducing his protegee, the Italian-born beatmaker Fid Mella, with this volume.
About Brenk: The Kaisermühlen homeboy enjoys Godfather status in his home town Vienna. Brenk is one of the most complete European beatmakers. Westcoast Gangsta-rap and grimey Detroit rap are as present in his music as sweet soul music from the 60ties + 70ties – all chopped to the max and iced out with analogue Korg lines. After releasing the slept on instro-masterpiece "Gumbo" on Supercity in 2008, Brenk has worked with Westcoast pioneer King Tee and has laced beats for an armada of Austrian MCs (Kamp, MAdoppelT, Skero, Kayo). He has produced one half of the forthcoming new MC Eiht album on Year Round Records (Premo is doing the other half). In 2011 he has released "Gumbo 2 : Pretty Ugly" on MPM and is working on S3 (Supa Soul S**t), a group he has formed with MPM singer Miles Bonny.
About Fid Mella: Fid Mella was born in Meran (Italy) where he has produced albums with Ghemon, Mistaman and Kiave. Seven years ago, Mella moved to Vienna where he hooked up with Brenk. Since than he has worked with Kev Brown, EdO G, Deph Joe, Gerard MC, Manuva and many more.