First there were these photos, uploaded to a social network. Suff Daddy, Hubert Daviz and Tobrock are chilling with a beer and a spliff in black and white. Sharp contrasts and very little light. R.Winterstyle. For the first time, these bedroom rockers look like pop stars or at least larger than life. My initial thought: we got to do something with these pics. For a year or two Robert had been taking his camera with him, when he was visiting his beatmaking friends at their studios, went digging or partying with them. Around the same time Hulk Hodn and Twit One turned in an album under the name Testiculo Y Uno. Special interest music with no rapping or singing that needed to be heard. Welcome to the club! Robert climbs the loft bed at the treehoue studio where Twit and Hodn have set up their gear. We press up 500 LPs and hold breath. Eight weeks later we have to do a repress. Have we just jumped on the Huss'n Hodn bandwagon or are people really diggin the music?

They do! 'Suff Draft' even tops the succes of volume 1 and after dropping Dexter's 'Jazz Files', we know that we are on the right track. We ignore the few haters who try to pin-point the Hi-Hat Club as a boom-bap revival and send Robert to Vienna where he dissects a sea bream with Brenk and Fid Mella. Bam, Oida! Next stop is Amsterdam where Full Crate and FS Green serve 'Eggs And Pancakes' so next-level and upfront that no app has been programmed yet. With DJ Adlib we are going back to CGN and a couple of MCs (Black Spade, Declaime, Frak Nitt, Planet Asia) on the back-seat... But the Hi-Hat Club is more than a series of records. It is our look out on today's beat generation. It's not a movement but an open stage that celebrates the art of beatmaking through photos, records, exhibitions and parties. Not bound to any borders, styles or labels. No more, no less.

Oliver 'Olski' von Felbert, Melting Pot Music